Professionalism, dedication and commitment providing
efficient and strategic solutions that meet our client’s needs

Specialized Firm

Lt legal is a Law Firm specialized in Intellectual Property, Image Rights, Digital Rights, Unfair Competition and Publicity.

We offer efficient and practical legal services to achieve strategic and innovative solutions nationally and internationally through relationships built on trust with our clients, which we consider to be fundamental.

Dedicated and Vocational Lawyers

Lt Legal was created in 2011 by Laia Torrents Homs, a lawyer with extensive national and international experience. Lt legal’s goal is to help develop global enterprises by combining professional capacity to understand the business with international expertise.

We are lawyers with legal vocation, passionate about Intellectual Property with extensive legal knowledge. Lt legal is differentiated by our practical and personalized legal approach built on loyalty and trust.

Excellence and Rigor

We are committed to excellence and professional rigor, offering tailor-made assessment designed to define with our clients the best legal approach, from registration factors, audits, and negotiations, to the defense of our client’s interests during the litigation process.

Areas and Clients

Our clients come from different industries, such as technological, manufacturing, teaching, medical, wine, catering, tourist and advertising areas, as well as artistic, industrial and jewelry design.

Our clients are national and international businesses and institutions, from start-ups to established companies, with strong international impact of which its tangible assets are its trademarks, inventions, copyrights, and image.

International and Collaborators

In order to offer our clients global solutions adapted to their needs, we are affiliated to and collaborate with prestigious law firms located in other countries in Europe, America, Asia and Australia.

Likewise, we collaborate with prestigious lawyers with extensive expertise in other legal areas (corporate, tax, labor, civil, penal, administrative) as well as a wide network of collaborators such as, engineers, valuation companies, designers and computer experts.